Web 3.0 Etc.

October 25, 2008 on 10:59 am | In Build, IdBlog | Add a Comment

Last December our favorite futurist, Kevin Kelly, delivered a talk at the EG Conference entitled “Predicting the Next 5000 Days of the Web”. In it he probes the dimensions of today’s web with its billions of transistors, linkages and massive stores of memory. Kelly posits a compelling vision of One Machine as a global repository of knowledge with all the screens in the world plugged into it. He also talks about how the web is restructuring from its present state of pages linking to pages to a web where data links to data, or ideas to ideas — the so-called Semantic Web, or Web 3.0.

And where’s it all going? According to Kelly, to an internet of things, where mobile devices share information with the network and knowing just requires participation. We hope that’s a good thing.

Year of the Bear

October 13, 2008 on 6:00 pm | In IdBlog, Spin | Add a Comment

It’s been a frightening few weeks for people with some money in the market. Each new day brought precipitous sell-offs that erased thousands in putative value from 401k plans. Economists went from debating whether or not we were actually in a recession to guessing how long the panic might last.

Over the weekend, The New York Times’ interactive team provided some much-needed perspective with this concise infographic comparing the Panic of ’08 to other downturns. This data-driven Flash chart shows percentage loss in value for the S&P 500 (adjusted for inflation) and duration of the bear markets over the last 80 years.

Investors can take some comfort in learning that this year’s market isn’t nearly as deep as the Crash of ’29, which wiped out 80 percent of the market’s value, or as long at the bear market of 1937-42, which dragged on for 5 years.

Although, 9 of the 12 downturns charted lasted longer than the bear market of 2008 has so far.

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