Book Review: Information Architecture for the World Wide Web

February 4, 2004 on 6:57 am | In Books | Add a Comment

Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, by Rosenfeld and Morville. Read Aug 03-Feb 04.

It seems to me that in a how-to book prolixity is a cardinal sin, especially a how-to book about organizing information. Although the authors have organized their information well, they have failed to edit it. I could have cut this book in half — to 200 succinct pages — and made it a much better product. Still there are useful chunks of info in here about conceptualizing search systems and metadata, explaining the practice of IA, moving big orgs toward rational info sharing, and labeling. I’ll probably refer to it from time to time. BTW: there’s a pattern of winter web renovation here — as the days get short and the weather awful, I’m more inclined to sit at the computer and shuffle pixels and bytes about.

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